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wireless networking
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wireless networking

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:58 am    Post subject: wireless networking Reply with quote

Question: LOL ya me to but any way thanks for your help,

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Question -
well I have tryed 4 difrent types of cards all difrent brands 2 pcia 2usb
and for the destkopts 2 pci

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Question -
lol Thanks so much for youre help I have adaware pro and nortion so that cant be what happend i run both each night befor I shut down.
If you think of any thing else please tell me. Hay i tryed something
on my laptop I swiched to my nabers un incripted wierless network when i shich back it will only take a 84bit key (i think that is what it is called) and my network have a 128bit key Razz but any way if that trigers anything that would rock I had to reformat to fix it

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Question -
Ok no I am useing both Razz they both are instled and do the same thing. Hay you said you could use a instent mesinger that is kool I will just deal with the typeing Wink I know it is the way of the world now so I am just about use to it also Razz but i still like skype, ventrilo, or team speak chats hay if it is ok could we use instent mesinger please. I am at school and dont have acsess to a spel cheak sorryyes i know it is said I will be home at 3 but doing my radio show I can multi task but then like 6 I have to go to my brothers birthday party. Razz But I will be home like 9 est 9-23-05. just FYI I needed my net back so bad I had to reformat but it has happend befor so if it is ok I would like to try to pervent it from happening again.

Thanks for your help,

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Question -
wireless networking

Hi my name is Drew and i am 14, sorry for any spelling or gramer mistakes Razz

I have win xp pro
and a linkses wierles g set up BUT every once and a wile when my Internet gose out and i use my nabers network it changes from a 128 bit key to a 64 bit key and the only way i can get it back is to re install windows

as you can see spelling is not my strong point Razz Razz

any how i am a dj at radio kaos ( and i realy need to get my esk top back up to speam by Monday for my next show

it would work out best if we could use (skype, team speakm, or ventrilo) so i can talk i hate typing but if that is the only way that is kool

Answer -
I might do an instant messenger chat but that involves even more typing. Sorry. I hated typing too but I have gotten used to it over the years. Now I type fast enough to make people dizzy. Anyway on the workstation are you using Windows to control the wireless settings or the software that came with the card? I recomend sticking with the software if you have it. If it goes out on you try uninstalling the adapter. You shouldn't have to reinst all of windows.
Answer -
Ok, so you are running fine now you just want to prevent this from happening again. I am not sure what caused the problem so I will have to guess. Go to and download ad-aware. Run this about once a week. Also make sure you have a recent anti-virus. Virus or spyware is the most likely culprit.
Answer -
It sounds like software that comes with the card is messed up. You might try a different wireless card like a usb card etc. Is this an internal wireless card or a pcmcia card? The internal cards generally suck. I would get a new USB or PCMCIA card and try that.
Answer -
Well I am out of ideas on that one. It should always let you set the key to 128 if it let you do it once. If you got Norton etc I guess we can rule out virus. You tried different cards so we can rule out card or drivers. I am stumped sorry.
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