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Windows 98 login problem
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Windows 98 login problem

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 1:24 am    Post subject: Windows 98 login problem Reply with quote

I tried your advice and was unsucessful. I still received an error stating that I had not been validated by the network after I click the cancel button. I then close out the error box and the network password box appears again. I am unable to get to the desktop to do anything else. I also tried to reinstall Windows98 by having the disk in the drive before turning the computer on...that did not work either. I double checked the BIOS to ensure that it was reading the CD-Rom first. Is there anything else I can try before calling it quits?

Followup To
Question -
I recently received a used Dell computer [pentium III] that was running on a Windows98 network. Someone who I trusted knew comuters had uninstalled the following items from the computer as I was told we had no need for them; Novell,ZENworks and ???Wise. Upon rebooting the computer there is a box that states to enter the Network I must fill in the username, password and domain. Because this came from a school "as is" they didn't provide any disks or support. I did locate the previous user to try their password and info; however, they never had to enter a domain and without the domain entered an error message appears "Cannot use Windows unless user name is validated by Network". Needless to say the kids are frustrated as they cannot get into their computer that they so patiently waited for. Can I just put in a Windows98 start up CD and reinstall from scratch? My employer has graciously given me their Windows98 program since they have upgraded to XP. Thank you in advance for your time and effort in answering my question.


Answer -
Although you get a login prompt there actually is no password security to stop you from getting to windows. Simply click cancel and after you get to the desktop right click "network neighborhood" and choose properties. THere you can remove the unneeded clients. It will not let you "logon" with the wrong password but it will let use the computer without logging on. So click cancel NOT ok.
Answer: Are you sure this is Windows 98 and not 2000? Can you get into safe mode? When it first starts booting windows 98 hit F5. See if you can get into safe mode. If you can log in there start removing any thing network related and rebooting until you can hit cancel at that login prompt. This has to be a 3rd party piece of software. Windows 98 can't force you to logon like that by itself.

If that doesn't work try booting off a dos floppy boot disk. Then attrib -h-s-r c:. Afterthat copy system.1st to c:\windows\system. Replace the exitsting system.dat file with it. This will over write the registry with the version that was created when the system was first loaded.
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